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ADVLeagueThe D&D Adventurers League is an ongoing official campaign for Dungeons & Dragons and a diverse and vibrant community of gamers. The campaign creates a shared experience for gaming tables around the world with seasonal unified storylines and adventures that use D&D fifth edition rules. The D&D Adventurers League games can be played anywhere: at stores, at home, at clubs, at conventions/events, online.

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  1. I am sorry if this is an inappropriate place to ask about a rule, and re uploading an edited and more readable version of this but:

    Every DM I have talked to has insisted firmly on a rule about a player’s character becoming disqualified for their current adventure by leveling up just past the adventure’s intended level range. They claim when this happens the character must be removed from the adventure and the player must choose a new character within the level range by the next session to remain in the adventure.

    When I asked about this, they only show me pages showing the adventure’s level range, but never any league sanctioned rules about this triggering a forced removal. Yet, on the FAQ posted on March 24th 2017-page 11, it clearly states a ruling that [hardcover] adventures “can be played by characters of a higher level, provided they are within the adventure’s level range when they begin playing the adventure.” Which would make sense, as it would allow a small amount of overlap allowed levels between adventures within a hardback book. This would grant a sufficient amount of breathing room for transfer from one adventure to the next, and still give effective restrictions of the character’s levels for individual adventures.

    Now, I do understand that an individual Dungeon Master can impose additional restrictions upon a table for the sake of flow and consistency beyond that of what a broad spectrum rule covers, thus they can impose an automatic removal rule upon their own table. However, they seem to claim that it is a pure league rule and adhere to it as if it where gospel. It has made it unbearably difficult to make certain anyone can finish an adventure with one character, and then still be of the appropriate level for the next adventure. Such a feat would require precision EXP distribution so as to have the party achieve the minimal level of the next adventure during the last session of the previous adventure, and not one session before or after. Otherwise the characters would either not be able to play the next adventure from not leveling up sufficiently, or not be able to finish the first adventure from leveling too soon.

    Could someone please clarify this? Does a character HAVE TO be kicked out as soon as it levels past the adventure’s rated level range?

    • The FAQ describes the details in which characters can continue. I’m not sure what else a DM would need to allow your character to conitinue.

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