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D&D is heading to Wildemount!

You’ve seen the announcement by now, and if you haven’t, let us be the first to tell you: a new book is on the way! Soon adventurers will be able to make their marks on the continent of Wildemount as featured in Critical Role, one of the most popular D&D actual play streams around!  We know you have questions, so let us answer them:

As awesome as Critical Role is, we must say a Mighty Nein (that means “no” in Zemnian to those unfamiliar with the setting) to travelling to Wildemount in your Adventurers League campaigns. There are no plans to allow Explorers Guide to Wildemount or any of its offerings in the way of spells, classes, feats, etc. as a valid resource for Forgotten Realms or Oracle of War campaigns.

Remember, this is an exciting time for fans of Critical Role and the new setting, so let’s not lament over what could have been and celebrate this moment! Our friends at Wizards of the Coast have many more things in store for us here in Adventurers League land!

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  1. Im confused on what the point of this article is? You made an entire article to say “nothing is changing and nothign is being added” adn gave it the most click baity and misleading title…


  1. Explorer's Guide to Wildemount. – Dangerous Endeavors - […] League play, before you get too excited, this book will not be AL legal, as noted here. That’s all…

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