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Expanding Oracle of War!

With today’s release of Oracle of War Player’s Guide v1.2 and DM’s Guide v1.2, Xanathar’s Guide to Everything has been added as an AL-legal resource for character creation.

The updated documents can be downloaded from the DMs Guild!

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Amy is an obsessive baker and avid gamer who thrives when herding cats and answering their questions. She wants all gamers, new and veteran, to feel welcome at their tables and works to promote inclusivity and safe spaces in the gaming communities. Amy lives outside of Philadelphia with her favorite DM and their adorable catastrophe of a dog.

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  1. When can we expect the Salvage mission rules at our FLGS we have a few new players to catch up to the rest of the parties and they have missed different adventures so we can’t catch them up without spoilers or running characters through same adventure other that one off characters and some players having already been through the adventure. A salvage mission is the best player experience to handle this.

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