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Greetings From One of Your New Community Managers

Howdy, fellow adventurers!

My name is Ma’at Crook.
First name, pronounced “ma ought.”
Last name is pronounced like it’s spelled, another word for rogue thief.

On a successful DC 18 Intelligence (History) check, you know I’m only a little older than Dungeons & Dragons itself. I loved the 80s cartoon and wanted to play the game. It took me forty-odd years, but it’s never too late to D&D. My first time playing was at a monthly game, started in 2015. Adventurers League gave me the option to play every week and to meet new friends. Since then, I’ve played, DM’d, and organized weekly games. I’ve also written several AL modules, four of which can be found on the DMs Guild, and two were nominated for ENnie awards. Fancy!

Rolling a successful DC 16 Wisdom (Insight) check, you know I accepted the Adventurers League Community Manager position because I want to support the community that supports me. I want you to have ALL the fun. I want you to feel safe at the table. And I want to help you while you help others feel more welcome.

On a successful DC 15 Intelligence (Investigation) check, you’ll find my dice usually roll low, but I still manage to enjoy myself (the one is fun!).

With a successful DC 12 Wisdom (Perception) check, you’ll notice some of my real-life best friends include a kelpie, a goblin, a kenku, and a weird cat that eats fabric. No really, my cat, The Sibbie, eats fabric if my husband and I aren’t careful to pick up our clothes. And our dog Tula Pants is a Kelpie sheepdog, Priscilla Goblin is our miniature pincher, and we have two chickens, Newton and Kenku. If you follow me on Twitter (@MaatCrook), you will catch glimpses of them from time to time.

I go to quite a few gaming and comic book conventions throughout the year, so you may have a chance to perceive me in person. Check my website,, for events I have scheduled, or for links to my modules and other creative work.

I hope y’all have fun at the table!

Ma'at Crook

Author: Ma'at Crook

Ma’at (ma ought) Crook serves as an Adventurers League Community Manager. She’s a writer and illustrator of Dungeons & Dragons content, including two Ennie nominated AL adventures (links and more info at

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