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Happy Liars Night 2019!

The dark alleys of Baldur’s Gate have grown a little darker, and the night’s shadows follow wherever you flee. It can only mean one thing… HAPPY LIARS NIGHT, ADVENTURERS! Throughout October 2019, the Adventurers League is celebrating a spooky fall festival filled with chilling encounters and thrilling rewards.

Earn Candy Corn

For every hour of Adventurers League play October 1-31, 2019, as a player or a Dungeon Master, you earn 1 candy corn. You can also earn candy corn via other Liars Night activities announced throughout the month, so keep an eye on Candy corn is tied to you—the player—and any rewards earned with candy corn are individually assigned to your characters.

Defeat Wandering Monsters

Beginning the second week of October, keep a watchful eye for wandering monsters with Liars Night flair, posted on our website. DMs can insert these beasts into any adventure. Once defeated, they explode in a hail of candy corn.

Enter Costume Contest

In this costume contest, everyone is a winner! E-mail your pictures dressed as one of your Adventurers League characters or another D&D theme to [email protected], and reward yourself 5 candy corn. Your picture might be displayed on the Adventurers League website or social media pages.

Trade with the Kernel

Some call him the Candy King, others call him the Sugar Fiend, but most know him as The Kernel. Last Liar’s Night, this cranium rat kingpin was run out of Waterdeep by Peppermint Dragons who stole his candy corn hoard. He’s since rebuilt his sugary empire in Baldur’s Gate. The Kernel will trade your candy corn in exchange for his Liars Night loot. The list of the Kernel’s wares is included in the Liars Night Handout.

Click here for the Liars Night Handout PDF (2019)


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