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Liars Night 2020 | Wave 3

The nights grow longer, and the chill in the air, more biting. Settlements increase activity in preparation for the sun’s hibernation and to find any excuse for merriment before the cold chases everyone indoors. On Liars Night eve, no one is as they seem, or less so than usual. Children and adults, alike, disguise themselves through illusion and costume. Tricksters, pranksters, and performers play for genuine laughs. And pickpockets pilfer candy instead of coin. Candlelit carved pumpkins and gourds ensure, for just one night, no one holds your deceptions and chagrins against you. Only those disrespectful enough to blow out others’ candles are judged poorly for potentially attracting the ire of the gods. Leira, a deity of illusion and deception, and Mask, trickster patron of spies and thieves, do not favor those who disrupt their holiday. From now through November 2nd, 2020, D&D Adventurers League is filled with spooky and chilling encounters, fall celebrations, and limited-time-only rewards.

Wandering Monster Encounters

Starting October 12th, 2020, for three weeks Wandering Monster encounters and awards will be released in waves, one each week. DMs may insert these encounters into any of their adventures through November 2nd, 2020 (*see charity extension below).

1) Wandering Monster Wave 01 Encounter: Released 10/12/2020
Optional treat – Wave 01 Mask Tokens

2) Wandering Monster Wave 02 Encounter: Released 10/19/2020
Optional treat – Wave 02 Room Maps by @LukeAbsolumReid

3) Wandering Monster Wave 03 Encounter: Released 10/26/2020 (Updated to correct rarity and clarify that card do not vanish, clarify surprise, added creature type change to cat stat)
Optional treat – Wave 03 NPC tokens

Wandering Monster Rules

  • Refer to the “How to Use this Encounter” section for information on tier of play, optimization, notes on tier adjustments, running the encounter, and other suggestions.
  • DMs are empowered to make adjustments to increase fun (raise or lower hit points, reskin, be creative in how characters come across the encounter, adjust for more or less time).
  • Some gaming situations might not be ideal for Wandering Monsters. For example, online conventions and charity events, with tight time slots, might not be able to accommodate Wandering Monsters, and that’s OK. Prioritize the overall gaming experience!
  • No candy corn collecting this year; each encounter contains at least one reward (examples: trinket, magic item, pet, etc.). The player may play and/or DM the same encounter multiple times and with different player characters, but each player earns the rewards only once.

Enter the Storytelling Contest

We want to hear your spooky stories! On Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram, use the hashtags #DDAL and #LiarsNight when you tell your tales of adventure during Liars Night and the D&D spooky season! Everyone who enters this contest is a winner and earns 1 Hat of The Kernel, courtesy of Leira and Mask (1 hat per player only, not per player character).

Hat of The Kernel
Wondrous item, common
This hat has 3 charges. While holding the hat, you can use an action to expend 1 of its charges and speak a command word that summons The Kernel (cranium rat). The Kernel magically appears in the hat and is friendly.  While the Kernel isn’t under your control, when he is summoned during the months of October and November, he brings with him a candy corn that restores 1d4 hit points when consumed. The Kernel (and any uneaten candy corn he has shared) disappears after 1 hour or when he drops to 0 hit points. The hat regains all expended charges daily at dawn.


Liars Night 2020 FAQ

  • *Can we extend Liars Night for Extra Life game days (or local children’s hospital donations)? Yes. If you would like to run a table of Wandering Monster Wave encounter(s) the week after Liars Night 2020 expires (any date from November 3rd through the 9th, 11:59pm local time), you and your players may each donate through the charity’s website or a DDAL charity event (paid registration, raffle, re-roll tickets, etc.). Then you may catch up on any Wandering Monster Waves you missed or replay them again. Remember, a player (not each player character) earns each reward only once.
  • Can we use 2018 or 2019 Wandering Monster encounters? No. You may only play the Liars Night 2020 Wandering Monsters Waves encounters.
  • What do I do with my candy corns from 2018 and 2019? You haven’t thrown those out yet? The Kernel doesn’t want old, stale candy. Please note, we aren’t using candy corns this year; every Wandering Monster Wave encounter includes at least one reward (magic items, trinkets, pets, mounts, etc.).
  • Does time spent in Wandering Monster encounters count for character advancement, DM rewards, etc.? Yes, and keep track of them on your logs.
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