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Liars Night: Wandering Monsters, Extra Life Extension, and FAQ

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Happy Liars Night, adventurers! Careful as you venture forth… Liars Night means monsters hide around every corner…

Wandering Monsters Wave 1 (PDF)

Wandering Monster Rules

  • Wandering Monsters can be inserted at tables that match their optimized Tier of play or, when notes for adjustment are included in the “How to Use This Encounter” section, the adjusted Tier.
  • With Wandering Monsters optimized for a general Tier instead of a specific Average Player Levels, the Dungeon Master is especially empowered to make adjustments to ensure the experience is fun for their table. (For example: You might adjust the number of creatures or their hit points up to the maximum range.) Likewise, each Wandering Monster suggests how players might stumble on them, but that is up to you!
  • For each Wandering Monster encounter resolved or defeated, each player is rewarded 10 candy corns. The Dungeon Master also is rewarded 10 candy corns.
  • Each person can benefit from a Wandering Monster reward once. They can play and/or DM the encounter more than once but do not receive the reward again.
  • Some gaming situations might not be ideal for Wandering Monsters. For example: Conventions with tight time slots might not be able to accommodate Wandering Monsters, and that’s OK. Prioritize the overall gaming experience!

Liars Night FAQ

  • Can we extend Liars Night for Extra Life game days? YES! Individuals who donate to Extra Life in any way (including donating to a fundraiser page on the Extra Life website, supporting your local stores efforts, purchasing something via an Extra Life charity raffle, buying re-roll tickets that benefit Extra Life, etc.) can extend Liars Night an extra week thru Thursday, November 7th, 11:59pm local time. During this extended period, anyone at a table can play a Wandering Monster encounter, but only those who’ve personally extended their Liars Night via donations earn candy corns.
  • Can we please summon Fritter via phantom steed? YES! I’ve adjusted the file attached to the original handout link to reflect this as well.
  • Can we use 2018 Wandering Monster encounters for the 2019 event? Nope! Liars Night 2019 uses the 2019 encounters only.
  • Do my 2018 candy corns count toward the 2019 rewards? Nope! The Kernel does not want your gross stale candy. How dare you.
  • Does time spent in Wandering Monster encounters count for the purposes of character advancement, DM rewards, MOAR CANDY CORN, etc.? Sure. Yes. Enjoy.
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