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Moonsea Mists

Season 4 opens for the D&D Adventurers League with an unusually cold winter seizing the Moonsea region. As the displaced of Phlan march with their allies to retake their home from Vorgansharax, the Maimed Virulence, strange mists and even stranger events are rising. It is cold, dark, and you have the feeling something just out of sight is watching you with hungry interest.

Today Wizards of the Coast announced that the next storyline season and hardcover adventure is called Curse of Strahd and will take adventurers to the land of Barovia.

What does the Curse of Strahd mean for the D&D Adventurers league?

Cos Logo Dark TextureThis season we’re making a number of changes. We’ll be announcing updates to DM rewards, the names used for classifications of different kinds of adventures and a host of other things in upcoming posts. The D&D Adventurers League is a constantly evolving program and we are trying something different with the adventures formerly known as Expeditions for this season. As befits a gothic storyline, for season 4 we are releasing fourteen adventures (in addition to new DDAO and DDEP adventures and some other surprises), but unlike previous D&D Adventurers League seasons, where adventures were somewhat more episodic while adding to an overall meta-plot, this season is a tight, continuous story. For maximum enjoyment of this season the intent is that you start 4-1 Suits of the Mist with a 1st-level character, then play 4-2, the 4-3, and so on following in order until your character is 8th-level at the end of the fourteen part series.

We have tried to anticipate likely pitfalls of this experiment and prepare for them. We have built in different onramps in each adventure should you choose to not start with a new character or not begin with the first part of the story. We have also built in ways to get additional experience in case you miss an adventure or lose xp somehow, so you won’t get stuck by the tier change. We’ve even built in suggestions for the DM on how to alter each adventure in the event you should play adventures out of order. Also note, since your characters will be visiting the pleasant confines of Barovia, once you start playing a character in this series, you cannot play a non-season 4 adventure until you find a way out of the demiplane. In addition we’ve also built in suggestions for ways the DM might expand the 2-hour adventures to run for 4-hours if your table wants more, and similar suggestions on how to cut time out of longer adventures in case you are playing in time limited environments.

In the end we hope you enjoy this experiment, along with all the other changes we will be announcing shortly. See you in the mists!

Show your excitement for the Curse of Strahd by using these social skins provided by Wizards of the Coast.

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