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Oracle of War Gets Epic

Something different is happening in the Oracle of War campaign for the D&D Adventurers League, and everyone can get involved: the Tier 1 Epic adventure, The Iron Titan, is coming to the DMs Guild!

In the past, the Epic events for Adventurers League play were only available to be played at public events such as conventions and game days. The sense of grandeur and community that these Epic events inspire is heightened when many players are involved at the same time. The sense of “we’re all in this together,” augmented by a multi-table event, is something that is hard to explain unless you’ve taken part in one. The shared stories of sacrifice and victory are something that most Adventurers League players count as one of the strengths of organized-play gaming.

The Oracle of War campaign is all about innovation and experimentation. With that spirit of trying something new at the forefront of our minds, we’re going to release The Iron Titan on the DMs Guild for anyone to play. If you’re running game days and conventions, you can bring that epic feel to the event, running a multi-table experience as designed in the adventure. However, if you’re in an area where playing at public events is not an option, or if you are stuck at home with the rest of us, you can run the adventure for just one table of players, using the adjustments noted in the adventure as a guide for scaling down the action to be reasonable for the smaller number of players. You can even play it online!

For those running The Iron Titan at a larger convention or game day, you can still request copies of this Epic for your event at no cost by going through normal convention-support channels. You’ll need to qualify for support as normal, including getting approval from the AL Admin staff for your event’s Code of Conduct.


Q. Does this mean all Epics for the Forgotten Realms campaign and future Oracle of War Epics will be released online?
A. No. This is a one-time experiment. Other Epics, past and future, follow the same guidelines for play that they’ve always followed.

Q. When will The Iron Titan be released?
A. April 7th, 2020. The first Tuesday of April.

Q. When will DDEB05 A Century of Ashes be released?
A. That adventure, the first of the Tier 2 Core Storyline adventures, will come out on the DMs Guild the first Tuesday in May.

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