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Social Media Platform Changes

On December 1st the D&D Adventurers League Facebook group and DM Discussion group will be archived. Starting today, no new questions or membership requests will be accepted in these Facebook groups. Existing members will still be able to see and search the group content for the time being, but will not be able to post or comment. The D&D Adventurers League Facebook page will remain active and will continue to be updated with the newest DDAL announcements.

Additionally we are in the process of transferring over the relevant information from to the Wizards of the Coast D&D Adventurers League site and the Yawning Portal D&D event platform as we work with Wizards to unify our web presence. Reference materials (such as adventure blurbs and release dates) from our website will be  hosted on our new blog at The Yawning Portal; we’ll also use this site to more widely answer questions from our community.

These shifts come as our community needs and the usefulness of platforms change. We understand Facebook has long been an unwieldy way to search for answers to DDAL questions, and with our Discord community growing stronger, questions are now being answered across multiple platforms, making your searches even more difficult. Because of these factors the following adjustments are being made:

  • DDAL Admins will work to answer as many questions in the Facebook queue as possible, between now and December 1st. Any unanswered questions after that time will be addressed in the official D&D Discord. In order to view the DDAL-specific channels, visit the server-rules channel and read and accept the Code of Conduct before setting your role as “AL Player” (among others).
  • Closing the Facebook groups streamlines further questions to the AL Facebook page, Discord channels, community email, and Twitter.
  • We will use the Discord al-rules-compendium channel to collect answered questions. This will hopefully make it easier to browse recent rules clarifications (in addition to using Discord’s search function).
  • Answered questions will be used by the Admin and Wizards teams to update and clarify DDAL campaign documentation.
  • Work is in progress on creating a living FAQ for easy web access (web address TBD) for those who are not part of the Discord community.  We’ll update this post and share that information more widely when it becomes available.

Thanks for being part of our community, and for your continued patience as we process these changes!

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