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The D&D Adventurers League is an ongoing official campaign for Dungeons & Dragons (fifth edition rules) that unifies D&D tables around the world with seasonal storylines and campaigns. Local organizers are the lifeblood of the Adventurers League, gathering the community together for weekly, monthly, or special events.

Hosting a D&D Adventurers League event at your store or club is easy. Recruit Dungeon Masters, setup a regular schedule,  and make sure everyone is familiar with the Adventurers League rules. New organizers will find these links most useful when starting a regular Adventurers League event:


It is simple and easy to host games for the D&D Adventurers League.

  • Simply ensure your DMs and players are following the D&D Fifth Edition rules and D&D Adventurers League rules for play and character creation. Dungeon Masters will find these links most useful when starting out in the Adventurers League.
  • Join the community: The D&D Adventurers League social media communities are active and eager to help. If you have questions about Adventurers League rulings, need help recruiting DMs, or want to announce a new local group, the community is there for you.
  • Ensure your store is set up as a WPN store: If you are organizing an event at your friendly local game shop, make sure they are registered as a WPN store, so they show up on the Store & Event Locator.
  • Choose your adventure: In addition to the plethora of Adventurers League modules available for purchase on the DMs Guild, the D&D Starter Kit (perfect for NEW Dungeon Masters) or the D&D hardcover adventures can all be played as part of the Adventurers League.
  • Read the blog: The D&D Adventurers League blog shares articles helpful for organizers, Dungeon Masters, and players. In addition to tips from the administrators and community members for making your Adventurers League games and events the best possible experience, the blog has major announcements and special content (such as holidays) to drum up excitement for your local group.
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