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Author Only Adventures

A while back we announced the implementation of our DDAO or Author Only adventures. These are adventures that are created and can only run by their authors. These adventures are Adventurers League legal and can only be written by select Wizards of the Coast Staff or the D&D Adventurers League admins.

If you’d like one of the authors to attend your convention and run their AO mods, please contact. Wizards Employees, Mike Mearls, Chris Perkins, or Chris Lindsay can be reached via the Wizards of the Coast website and AL admins can be invited as well. Please see the Inviting League Admins and D&D Team Members for more details.

DDAO-1 Window to the Past: by Alan Patrick – When a Thayan research expedition returns from the Glacier of the White Wyrm with only two survivors that can only whisper about an ancient pyramid under the ice, perhaps it is time to discover just what scares the life out of a nation of necromancers. A four hour adventure for levels 5-10, 11-16, or 17-20.

DDAO-2 One Night in Luskan: by Bill Benham – Action! Adventure! Debauchery! Pirates! All this and more can be found in Luskan, City of Sails. Do you have what it takes to survive in this den of larceny and vice? Fame, wealth, and even a chance to do something good await! A four hour adventure for levels 1-4, 5-10, or 11-16.

DDAO-3 The Taming of Elisande: by Greg Marks – The mystery of Elisande has finally been revealed. Potentially a powerful weapon that could alter the balance of power in the Moonsea, you’ve been asked to accompany her as she journeys into the Bloodstone Lands. Will you be able to sway her to way of your thinking? A four hour adventure for levels 1-4, 5-10, or 11-16.

DDAO-4 Halruaa Rising: by Robert Adducci – The magical folk of Halruaa have returned to Faerûn after nearly 100 years. With their magical airships they reach out to countries and city-states across the Sword Coast with offers of friendship, but is that truly what they seek? Can you unravel the mysterious ways of the Halruaans or will you succumb to their arcane might? A four hour adventure for levels 1-4, 5-10, or 11-16.

DDAO-5 The Space Between the Spaces: by Travis Woodall – That which is lost can often be found, provided that you know where to look. Not too long ago, a young priestess of Kelemvor was betrayed and joined her deity in death. Her allies come to you seeking to retrieve her body so that she can continue to serve in life. This may be easier said than done, however, as doing so may require you to slip into the spaces between the spaces–a feat that few can claim to have accomplished. A four hour adventure for levels 11-16.

DDAO-06 by Mike Mearls, Enchantment Under the Sea

DDAO-07 Holocaust Pursuit: by  Chris Lindsay-  The Book of Vile Darkness has been stolen from beneath the library at Candlekeep, and though the monks have chased the thief all the way to Waterdeep, they’re ill-equipped to delve into Undermountain where they suspect foul play most apocalyptic.

DDAO-08 : by Chris Perkins, Perkinspalooze

DDAO-09 Lyceum Sepulchral: by Chris Lindsay – An ancient stone giant seminary is the target of corruption, having fallen under the influence of the Book of Vile Darkness. It will most certainly take a heroic effort to cleanse these halls of the evil that dwells within.

DDAO-010 Across a Misty Tavern Yard: by Greg Marks – Strange mists have been spotted in the Quivering Forest and many fear the return of Barovia. If anyone can warn you of what goes bump in the night, it is Jeny Greenteeth. A four-hour adventure for characters 1-4, 5-10, 11-16 or 17-20.

DDAO-11 Those That Came Before: by Alan Patrick – All of the scribes in Candlekeep are reporting eerie dreams, dreams in which the flying citadels of Ancient Netheril remain aloft among the clouds, with the modern skylines of Neverwinter and Waterdeep far below. These hazy visions all end the same way: with tremendous calamity as those fortresses smash down upon the defenseless metropolises. What aid can be enlisted when such doom is on the horizon? A four hour adventure for levels 11-16 or 17-20

DDAO-12 Dragons of Fire and Death: by Robert Adducci – Giants have been plundering the farms and villages on the Iron Route, but there is more behind these giant attacks than simple plunder. A burning roadhouse and subsequent clues bring promises of riches and threats of fire and death in the Dragonspire mountains. A forgotten enemy rises, dare you face it? A four hour adventure for levels 11-16. A sequel to DDEX1-12 Raiders of the Twilight Marsh.

DDAO-13 The Embers of Hate: by Travis Woodall – Hatred burns with a fire unlikely any other; and the hotter the flame, the more difficult it is to stamp it out. Beneath the rubble of Mulmaster, and a group of angry men and women seek to stoke smoldering embers of hate anew into a raging conflagration. Can you stop them before it is too late, or will this hatred rise from the ashes—free to burn all it touches? A four hour adventure for levels 1-4, 5-10.

DDAO-14 Act of Grace: by Bill Benham –  Ill omens blow into port on the trade winds. A former pirate speaks of strange and deadly happenings on the high seas. Danger, riches, and excitement await! A four hour adventure for levels 1-4, 5-10.

DDAO-15 Debts to be Paid by Claire Hoffman, levels 1-4 or 5-10 –  The glow of happiness caused by Mulhrond’s returned to Toril, along with the return of their pantheon’s incarnations, has begun to fade. Old rivalries among the priesthood are renewed and the neglect of certain religious sites during the past century is both an embarrassment and a bone of contention. The Zhentarim see this as a prime opportunity for profit and are calling in favors from the other Factions to make the most of this unique situation. An adventure for characters of level 1-4, or 5-10.

DDAO-16 Wild Arcana by Robert Adducci, levels 1-4 or 5-10 – Near the small village of Alonsphar, south of Hillsfar just inside the Cormanthor forest magic has been acting strangely. Spells, potions, items, locations, and even people have erupted with odd magical effects. What is causing this wild arcana? A series of 6, 2 hour adventures.

DDAO-17 TBA by Chris Lindsay details TBA.

DDAO-18 TBA by Bill Benham, details TBA. At Winter Fantasy

DDAO-19 TBA by Travis Woodall, details TBA. At Winter Fantasy

DDAO-20 TBA by Greg Marks, details TBA. At Winter Fantasy

DDAO-21 TBA by Alan Patrick , details TBA. At Winter Fantasy

DDAO-22 TBA by Claire Hoffman. At Winter Fantasy

DDAO-23 Trail of Bones by Robert Adducci. At Winter Fantasy


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