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D&D Epic Reclamation of Phlan

The Season 4 Epic: Reclamation of Phlan wraps up a story arc that was started in Season 1. In Tyranny of Dragons the green dragon known as the Maimed Virulence took over the town of Phlan. In Season 2 as refugees from Phlan many characters worked with the Zors and other groups in Mulmaster to gain the needed support to take back Phlan, but plans had to be halted due to the city being nearly destroyed by the cults of Elemental Evil. During Season 3 the demons erupting from the underdark caused further delays in the retaking of Phlan, but now that the demons have been pushed back into the abyssal home Phlan becomes the focus and the opportunity to strike at Vorgansharax, the Maimed Virulence is at hand!

ADVEpicReclamation of Phlan premiered at Winter Fantasy in Fort Wayne, Indiana at the beginning of February. Unlike other D&D Epics this will be widely played, hopefully at a con or game-day event near you! Below is a list of conventions that will host the D&D Epic: Reclamation of Phlan.

Convention Dates Region
Ei-Con 03/11/16-3/13/16 Europe (Leiden, ZH, NL)
GameStorm18 03/17/16-3/21/16 US Far West
Conflagration 03/18/16-03/20/16 US Great Lakes
ConnCon 03/18/16-03/20/16 US Northeast
EyeCon 03/25/16-03/28/16 Asia-Pacific
SentryCon 04/02/2016 Canada West
Emerald City ComicCon 04/07/2016 US Far West
Conclave of Gamers 04/21/16-04/24/16 US Rocky Mountains
Kublacon 05/27/16-05/30/16 US Far West
Gamex 2016 05/27/16-05/30/16 US Far West
Megacon 05/25/16-05/29/16 US Southeast
UKGamesExpo 06/03/16-06/05/16 Europe
Kings Con 06/04/16-06/06/16 Asia-Pacific

Does your multi-day or single day convention (including store game-day events) want to host the D&D Epic? You can! Requirements are simple, as long as you can confidently host 10 tables (11 with the admin table) and can guarantee a minimum of 2 tables at any given tier (level range 1-4, 5-10, 11-16) you can likely be approved to host the Epic. One thing we consider as well is how close geographically and temporally any two events in the same region are. If you see something near you within the month we likely will not approve both events for the Epic. We still want these events to be draws while still allowing the maximum number of people to participate.

We generally do not approve applications from smaller pop-culture type shows due to the less experienced D&D audience those shows typically attract. Please note: We’ve reduced the requirements because we want lots of people to play this Epic, future seasons may have stricter requirements.

If your convention or game-day event (including large store events) can meet the above requirements then they should apply. Please, only apply if you are the convention organizer, if you’re not, please send this article to your convention organizer.

Apply here to Request a Premiere or Epic adventure:

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