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Rage of Demons Resources

The Rage of Demons is upon us! The underdark releases a flow of insanity that threatens to cover Faerun. Create your characters with the Rage of Demons storyline origin and the resources below.

You can now download the free D&D Adventurers League Player’s Guide (quickstart and and Character Sheet coming soon), all of which you can find at the D&D Adventurers League Resource page.

Rage of Demons Players Guide

Rage of Demons Players Guide

The new Rage of Demons season D&D Adventurers League Player’s Guide (version 3.0 for those of you keeping track) has everything you need to know about playing in the D&D Adventurers League during the Rage of Demons storyline season!

Here’s a summary of the major changes you’ll see in the Player’s Guide from the Elemental Evil season version (2.0):


For Players: As always, the Player’s Guide provides players with all the information they need for playing D&D in the Adventurers League, including character creation rules, details about League play functions, instructions on what to do before, during, and after each adventuring session, explanations of how magic items are handled and how downtime and character advancement work, and a guide to the League’s Factions. Be sure to look over our Hillsfar Bonds and Backgrounds for use with Rage of Demons characters

For Dungeon Masters: The Player’s Guide offers continues to offer DMs advice on the Forgotten Realms setting, details on downtime activities available for adventures set in and around Hillsfar and Mulmaster, insight on what you need to be a DM, instructions on how to run a D&D Adventurers League session, DMing tips, and DM rewards!

For Organizers: The Player’s Guide gives organizers advice on finding places to play, finding DMs and players, and advertising and running events.

Code of Conduct: Finally, the Player’s Guide has a Code of Conduct to ensure all League games are inclusive. It also gives advice on how to handle issues that may come up in public games.

Lastly, there’s a faction guide and a FAQ.

    • New Story Origin: There’s a new Rage of Demons story origin! Players now have three story origins from which to choose when creating a character: Tyranny of Dragons, Elemental Evil, and Rage of Demons!
    • Rage of Demons Story Origin: For the new story origin, the Allowed Rules section permits players to choose character options from the D&D Basic Rules, the Player’s Handbook, Appendix A of the Monster Manual (beasts only), and Appendix A of Out of the Abyss!
    • Tyranny of Dragons Story Origin: Furthermore, for the Tyranny of Dragons season, the corresponding Allowed Rules section adds Appendix A of Hoard of the Dragon Queen back to the list of sources from which character options can be chosen. The special Tyranny of Dragons background options and bonds return!
    • Allowed Rules Exceptions:  The new Player’s Guide clarifies that when a spell, race, or class feature specifically refers to a creature that is required for it to function properly, but which is not found in the allowed rules, players can nevertheless select that creature.
    • Downtime Activities: There are new downtime activities for adventures set in and around Hillsfar, including in the Underdark beneath Hillsfar. Don’t worry, the old ones are still available for adventures set in and around Mulmaster!
    • Customized Backgrounds & Lifestyle Expenses: The lifestyle table has been modified to remind players that they can customize their characters’ backgrounds as permitted in the Basic Rules and Player’s Handbook. When they do, the resulting backgrounds start out at a modest lifestyle. In addition, the new Player’s Guide clarifies that characters only pay lifestyle expenses when they spend downtime days.
    • Awarding Renown and Downtime and Advancing Characters: The new Player’s Guide defines the terms “adventure” and “episode” to help DMs determine when to award renown and downtime and indicates that characters can advance when they take a long rest or complete an episode or adventure.
    • Rebuilding: When characters change class or background during a rebuild, they now lose the equipment corresponding to the old class and background and gain the equipment corresponding to the new ones. Don’t forget that changing backgrounds from one that gives more gold to one that gives less gold (or vice versa) also requires a small gold adjustment!
    • Table size: The new Player’s Guide now specifies that all League games must have from three to seven players and one DM.
    • DM Character Rewards: The table of DM character rewards for D&D Expeditions and D&D Epics has been removed.  DMs simply earn the character rewards specified at the end of those adventures.
    • Magic Items: The new Player’s Guide clarifies that even when permanent magic items are broken, lost, stolen, discarded, or destroyed, they still count against a character’s permanent magic item total. In addition, the FAQ has been updated to indicate that consumable magic items on magic item certificates do not count towards a character’s total number of magic items.
    • Crafting: The crafting section indicates that that potions of healing use rules for crafting nonmagical objects.
    • Playtesting: The playtesting section now allow for rewards as specified by the playtest.
    • Paperwork Errors: The section on cheating has been rewritten to direct DMs who find errors in character paperwork to discuss how to resolve the errors with the players. The players then make the corrections, rather than the DMs.
    • DM Previews: DM previews can now be held online, Moreover, though they should be held well before an event, they can be held within 48 hours of the event when necessary.
    • FAQ: The FAQ now indicates options presented on, such as new backgrounds and pregenerated characters, are legal for play in League games.

The new Rage of Demonsl Character Sheet features the Rage of Demons icon, showing your character’s story origin in the Rage of Demons storyline.

Rage of Demons Adventures

With your Rage of Demons character made you’re ready to face the madness of the Underdark and dare to descend. Look for these D&D Adventurers League Rage of Demons Adventures at stores, conventions, and other public play (including streaming online) opportunities near you!


Out of the Abyss Amendments (PDF)

State of Hillsfar and Hillsfar Backgrounds and Bonds (PDF)

Pregenerated Characters

Wood elf cleric with acolyte background by Drew Davies
Human (Illuskan) wizard with shade fanatic background by Fred Upton
Stout halfling two-weapon fighter with the criminal background by Gary West
Mountain dwarf rogue with Hillsfar merchant background by Jonathan Connor Self
Drow elf duelist fighter with trade sheriff background by Jonathan Connor Self

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