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Tier 4 Adventure Design Open Call

I’m gonna cut right to the heart of the matter here: we want to see some more awesome tier 4 designers in our community, and we (the Adventurers League admins) are creating an open call to find them and grow the roster of potential tier 4 authors and designers for the DDAL!

To be frank, designing an adventure is hard work. Designing an adventure for use with an organized play system adds additional complexity because of the rules of that system, combined with the rules of the game itself. It takes time, patience, creativity, and, in my opinion, a very open mind because accepting feedback graciously is super, SUPER key. We understand that few people are designing games and adventures as a full-time career, and we want to help people develop as best we can, and as time allows. Even so, if a designer – even a brand-new one! – can bring some awesome ideas to the discussion and they have a keen grasp on the game’s mechanics, we can often help massage the content into the DDAL program.

So let’s get this show on the road!

What is the DDAL Seeking?

                                           art courtesy of Wizards of the Coast

We’re seeking the following in our Tier 4 Designer Open Call:

  • tier 4 (level 17-20) submissions only
  • set in the Forgotten Realms
  • a single encounter of 500 words or less
  • limit to 1 page and no art (this includes fancy layout and maps)
  • must be in docx format (no OpenOffice or PDF submissions permitted)
  • must use the template, including styles, from the CCC pack
  • collaborative minds (we strongly encourage our designers to work together and accept feedback from not only us, but also from their fellow creators)

Why are we seeking this? Because we want to see creative voices in our community step forward and show their skills. We know you’re out there, and we know you’re awesome! Do you have an iconic creature combat in your mind’s eye? Do you have an outline for a simple but engaging tier 4 roleplay encounter and have been seeking a reason to develop it? NOW’S THE TIME!

How Do I Submit?

Submitting your content is a simple process:

  1. download the CCC pack and use the adventure template provided (S9 Adventure Format.docx)
  2. ensure that your footer ONLY includes the encounter name and your email address
  3. visit the submission form and fill out the contact data
  4. upload your submission!

As you are filling out your contact information, please feel free to use a non-identifying email address. By this, we mean that we want to be sure that we’re reviewing your submissions based on merit, not name or any assumed personal information. By including only your encounter name and email address in your footer, we can pursue this goal more effectively.

What are the Admins Doing With My Submission?

We are going to review the provided submissions. We aren’t compiling them, selling them, or otherwise distributing them. In fact, once the review period is done, we’ll be removing those submissions from our workspaces. This is your content, and we just want to see who is interested in and capable of creating awesome tier 4 content!

The Fine Print

Yes, there’s always fine print. But we’re seeking to be as clear as possible here, so here are some things to consider:

  • the submission window closes at 5pm EST on Friday, July 24th 2020
  • all submissions will receive a status update on/about Saturday, August 1st 2020
  • limit one submission per person
  • submissions are used for review purposes only
  • submissions using an incorrect file format, the wrong template, that don’t use the included styles, that aren’t designed for tier 4, that are over 500 words, that are more than 1 page, that include art, and/or that don’t include the appropriate footer information will be rejected without further review
  • authors retain ownership of their submissions (aka: you’ve already written a tier 4 encounter, feel free to upload to the DMs Guild if you like!)
  • personalized feedback is extremely unlikely
  • this open call is not a promise of a job, job offer, contract, or anything else; it is an open call intended to gauge interest and skill in developing specific types of content for the D&D Adventurers League
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