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#VotePipyap, July 19 Update

In our last post, I spoke a bit about some of the details of the #VotePipyap event that we’re looking forward to and how we had hit a couple hurdles. If none of this makes sense or you just want to know more about this whole “#VotePipyap” weirdness, please check out the page for this event!


(some of) the hurdles have been cleared!

While I still have a couple things behind-the-scenes to clean up, we’re gonna be proceeding with opening ticket sales… TONIGHT AT 7PM EST! Let’s get down to the gritty details:

How Can I… 

  • Purchase a Ticket? We’ve got a button at the bottom of this page that will link you to the ticket sales site. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for other announcements and #VotePipyap news over the next weeks!
  • Justify the $150 Ticket Price? Well, you’re getting roughly 30 hours of gaming that is entirely focused on Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus. You’ll be at the same table all weekend with the same DM, and you’ll be able to learn some of the excellent things that are in store for the D&D Adventurers League through our interactive events, discussions, and brand-new adventures.  Also, and definitely worth mentioning, this is a not-for-profit event and proceeds after costs are split between Extra Life and Jasper’s Game Day!
  • Be First in Line? Well, follow the Twitter account and be ready!
  • Get a Seat With My Friends? The tickets are sold per table, so one person can pick up the lot or you can arrange what table you want to play at.
  • Be a DM at #VotePipyap? We are currently full on DMs, but as time goes on tables may be added or, in some cases because life happens, a DM may need to bow out. We’ll get vocal, likely by asking over Twitter.


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